Then & Now: Timotei & Sara

Adoption changes more than just a childhood: it changes an entire life. It can even change the next generation.

THEN:  Timotei (right) & Teodora (left) as babies

THEN: Timotei (right) & Teodora (left) as babies

For Timotei and his twin sister, Teodora, their birth mother was caught in a cycle of poverty and addiction. This led to their premature births at only six months' gestation. Staff at the hospital where they had been abandoned assumed they would die, but God had other plans. They came to our ministry, and after a few months of intensive care, we found them an adoptive Christian family. "Being adopted means a lot," Timotei says today, "because I am aware that God has a plan for me. He did not leave me in an orphanage."

THEN:  Sara as a baby

THEN: Sara as a baby

Timotei grew up in central Romania, but his family continued to keep in touch with our ministry director, Corina Caba. They would visit Corina in western Romania during family vacations. "I was going with them to Oradea, and we would stay there for a few days," Timotei remembers. He got to know Corina's four adopted children: Ramona, Rares, Sara, and David. Eventually, his friendship with Sara grew into something more. This year,  Timotei and Sara got engaged to be married.

Now 21, Timotei is working at a restaurant in Alba Iulia and studying kinetotherapy, with the goal of opening his own practice. Sara, who shares his background as a formerly-abandoned child, is studying educational psychology at Oradea University. The two look forward to a future of raising their own family. This is restoration come full circle: two young adults who have broken the cycle of hopelessness, building a new life together.

NOW:  Timotei and Sara are planning their future together

NOW: Timotei and Sara are planning their future together

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