1.Every child belongs in a loving family.

God’s design is for every child to have a mother and father. Sadly, the curse of sin has resulted in many children being abused, neglected, or abandoned by their birth families. We seek to redeem this brokenness by providing abandoned and abused children with family-based care, preferably adoption. We are committed to the belief that the best place for children—the place where they can grow and thrive in love and safety—is not an institution or a system, but a family.

2. Cultural change begins with an engaged Church.

The Church is the hands and feet of Christ in the world. We never want to compete with churches, but rather to strengthen and work alongside them. Part of that partnership involved empowering and challenging the Church—both in Romania and in America—to understand God’s heart for orphans and to get actively engaged in meeting their needs.

3. Nationals are key.

Nationals know their own people and culture better than any other resource. As Americans, we see our role as empowering, equipping, and challenging nationals to be the frontline orphan care workers in their communities. We work alongside a strong team of Romanian social workers, therapists, and parents to help vulnerable children. Long-term, we’re working together with Romanian churches and other orphan care organizations to grow a strong and self-sustaining Romanian orphan care movement.

4. Personal connection is vital.

Our ministry is centered on relationships. As a smaller non-profit, we want our supporters in America to feel genuinely connected to the work in Romania. Our goal is to facilitate a sense of relationship and personal investment on both sides of the ocean.

5. God is the owner and giver of all resources.

We believe that God is ultimately the one who provides for this ministry through His people. Because all our resources belong to Him and come from him, we are careful stewards of our finances. We minimize our organizational overhead to maximize how much we send directly to Romania. (One example: our American staff all work from home, so there is no American HQ to maintain.) Contact us directly if you would like to see current financial reports.

6. Giving should be done with joy.

Because we believe all provision comes from God, we trust Him to move in the hearts of His people to give. We never seek to motivate donations with guilt, but only with joy, and a desire to join God in His life-changing work. We believe this ministry is an opportunity for our donors to reap spiritual blessings, as they care for the poor and the orphan. We’re looking for people ready to join us in that blessing.

7. Christ is the ultimate answer.

We know that no matter what solutions and holistic changes we bring to children and families, ultimately only the love and saving power of Jesus Christ will restore hearts and homes and make them whole. Our goal in ministry is not only to save children from abandonment, but also to share the beauty and power of the Gospel at every opportunity.