Then & Now: Drew

THEN:  Drew at our orphanage in the early 2000s

THEN: Drew at our orphanage in the early 2000s

Drew was left entirely alone at birth, abandoned in the hospital. Thankfully, we were able to rescue him at the age of 18 months, and he spent the next six months healing and growing in our then- orphanage. But we knew this wasn't enough: he needed a family. At age two, he finally found the loving connection of his "mama" and new brothers in his foster family.

NOW:  Drew (middle) with his mama & brother Oliver

NOW: Drew (middle) with his mama & brother Oliver

Today, Drew is 16 years old and doing well. He lives in a family of teenage boys, including another foster child. He loves to play the accordion, and he and his brothers often play and sing together. He is especially protective of "Oliver," his foster brother.

It hasn't been an entirely smooth road for Drew. He has gone through times of struggle as he sought to understand his past and his future, but his foster family and our ministry director helped him make the ultimate healing connection: a relationship with Jesus Christ. For nearly the whole journey, Drew has benefited from the support and prayers of the Barkley family (below), his sponsors through Romania Reborn.

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Sponsors Story: "Brett and I decided to sponsor a child through Romania Reborn after hearing the story of Corina Caba and her unbelievably brave and loving heart for children.  Our hearts grew year after year hearing of the impact Romania Reborn made in the lives of children, one by one.  We desperately wanted to be part of God’s work, and heard of an amazing boy who would inspire our family as he daily depended on the Lord and His grace in his life. Giving to this young man and to Romania Reborn is a blessing to us – everything we have is the Lord’s, not ours. We are grateful to give what is God’s right back to those He created and loves so deeply."  -Leslie Barkley, sponsor

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