Give Toward Adoption (Lia's Story)

“The fact that I was adopted is like a blessing from God.” - Lia

Desperate and homeless, Lia's birth mother abandoned her as a newborn. Corina soon found her and took her home as one of the very first “Hope House” babies.

Before Lia’s second birthday, Corina had found her a forever family. Later, her parents also adopted her biological brother. Today Lia is thriving, happily married, and expecting her first child.

“The fact that I was adopted is like a blessing from God,” Lia told us. “There were no differences in being adopted than if I had been born to my parents. Never did I feel these differences. To have a family is an enormous joy for me. If there are people who want to adopt, please feel confident to do it.”

Give Toward Adoption

Choose a gift below to help place children in forever families.

$50: one week of gas/travel expenses (for social work)

$250: one month of electric expenses (for ministry hq)

$600: one month social worker salary

Gifts of any amount toward these funds are always welcome.