Help Equip the Romanian Adoption Movement (for Just a Few Dollars!)

Romania is in a unique place when it comes to orphan care. It has an especially appalling history of child abandonment and hellish orphanages. But it is also slowly beginning to recover from Communism, both economically and culturally. Unlike some third-world countries, a national adoption movement is possible here.

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We believe the time is ripe to challenge and equip Romanian families and churches to get involved in orphan care.

This month, we're raising $4,500 to translate and publish 1,000 copies of Russell Moore's book, Adopted for Life, into the Romanian language. This highly-acclaimed book has already made a significant impact in the English-speaking world, exploring the ins and outs of adoption and articulating the priority of adoption in the church.

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Moore and his publisher, translation and printing will cost just $4.50 per book. With a donation of $45, you can pay to translate and print 10 copies!

These books will then be given to Romanian parents, pastors, social workers, and individuals at our Romania Without Orphans Summit this Fall. By giving this free resource to parents and pastors, our hope is to see Adopted for Life stir the hearts of the Romanian church for the needs of orphans--and equip them for the task.

By giving $45 today, you will provide a copy of this powerful book to 10 families in Romania, so they can thrive on their adoption journey. Or give any amount you choose ($9 for two books; $18 for four . . . )

Click the link below to give toward this special project, and follow our progress toward 1,000 copies on Facebook or Instagram!