Sponsor a Child (Patricia's Story)

“It’s beautiful to have a chance to have a family who loves you.”
- Patricia

Rescued from abandonment in the hospital, Patricia came to live at Hope House during its early years, shortly after the fall of Communism. She recovered quickly from severe neglect and malnourishment, but her adoption at a year old is what truly changed her life. The love of Patricia’s new parents and grandmother gave her a chance at a better future. Today, she is studying to become a social worker so that she too can help children in need. Patricia's story shows how powerful a loving family can be in forever changing the future of a child.

“I was very blessed to have parents,” Patricia told us. “I think it's beautiful to have a chance, a chance to have a family who loves you. It is much easier to face all the difficulties that come along the way in your life when you have parents beside you, than to go through life alone."

Sponsor a Child

Connect with an individual foster child through sponsorship. Give, pray, and even communicate with your child. See which children need sponsorship here.